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This is one of those days that you will remember for the rest of your life, the day you purchased your motorcycle! It's important that you consult professionals, like the ones here at Palmetto Motorsports. You DON'T want to encounter some salesman that was selling used cars last month and will be selling TVs next month! Our sales staff here at Palmetto Motorsports has over 100 years of combined experience in this industry. You want what's best for YOU, not what's best for a salesman's commission, right? Many salespeople try to steer people into whatever they make the most money on. What good is it to get a good price on a bike that you are not going to like? Many people buy a bike that they end up not liking because they weren't properly and honestly dealt with during their purchase. It's not uncommon for us to urge someone NOT to buy a certain bike if THAT bike is not what THAT customer really wants! This is why over half of our business is REPEAT CUSTOMERS or a referral from an existing customer. Some people say that motorcycle riding actually feels like FLYING! And it does!

If you are looking to enjoy the experience of motorcycle riding, or if you simply want to learn more about riding, stop by and see our store. The pictures on our website are nice, but there's nothing like being here in person. Click HERE for "Store Hours" and "Location".
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Ever seen a police car equipped with a LOJACK tracking device? Click HERE to see one.

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See what's involved as a NEW GSXR gets built at the Suzuki factory! Click the link HERE and see it happen! Read about Jan Vass's Journey as he wandered across North and South America!! To read about and comment on his journey Click HERE!

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Seminole Tribe Motocross park located in Big Cypress on the Seminole Reservation. Call 863-983-1894 for details. Or via the web @ www.seminoletribemotocross.com

Biker Friendly HOLIDAY PARK! (Griffin Rd West of Okeechobee Rd in Davie)

This picture is from when Mark & I went riding with Chuck Sun out in Las Vegas. I was hoping for him to catch the bug about desert racing, we talked about racing the Baja 1000 together. I raced it in 1995 and had one of the best experiences in my life. Unfortunately for our family, Mark passed away from liver cancer on September 16th, 2002. Mark was a very talented rider, he was a natural. In the mid 70's Mark dominated the MX scene in Florida, winning races and making it look easy, I was so proud to watch him win races! Just remember that whenever a friend or a brother calls to go riding, don't make an excuse and go! You'll cherish those riding moments forever. Godspeed Mark! Your brother, Todd